lördag, januari 22, 2011

Take a spin

Old carousels
makes me nostalgic
a not entirely unpleasant sensation

as eating fermented herring
can sweet sadness overtake
ones mind and fill it with unimaginable riddles

2 kommentarer:

Ana sa...

I was thinking this morning about it.
I loved it when I was a teenager.
I think I will publish this picture and the other I liked.
I'll put your name.
I hate roller-coaster. Never did and never will do it.
I'm amazed I thought the same you did!

Anders sa...

One Remark. The Picture in this post of the carousel is not mine. Follow the link "Pixelmama" under the pic. to Flickr so that the right person get the credit.

The Other picture you like? I Do not no if its mine yet:)