söndag, december 25, 2011

VISTA = Free install of Windows8


It is about time to create consumer power.

This applies to anyone who was scammed to buy and are forced to suffer from VISTA.

This should MS do to improve their reputation and thus their business.

I,ve started a Facebook-event about this. Link HERE.

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Ana sa...

Merry Christmas!
I suffered the hell with Vista.
My computer broke and the 7 was installed. It was when I realized how much time i lost because of a operating system.
How are you my dear fried?
I never forget you. Hope you know that.

Anonym sa...

Varför ligger detta på s-bloggar.se?

Anders sa...

@ Ana:
It's just great. Neither do I forget you. I Consider you as my beloved friend in Brazil. What more? Well, I started writing my blog in English when I got to know you!

Merry Christmas!

Anders sa...

@ Anonym:

jag brukar inte svara anonyma som kommer med trista insinuationer eller frågor.
Men eftersom du, Anonym kl 5:13, tycks komma från S-bloggar och därmed kanske är en partikamrat väljer jag att svara.

Om du, som socialdemokrat, inte intuitivt förstår varför detta inlägg pingades på S-bloggar ser jag det som troligt att du skulle göra större nytta i ett parti som Nya Moderaterna.

Ana sa...

:) You made my day!
Writing in English makes we speak with the world.
There is a directory "Bloggers" that there are people from all over the world that write in English.

Anders sa...

@Ana: I will continue write in English. Swedish, when it fits the subject.