onsdag, december 22, 2010

Christmas in all Universes

(My first GIMP-gif) http://www.gimp.org/

Otherwise, I paint. Leaving the scene of poems. I try to capture the melancholic place. Melancholy main theme: Loss of the world. The state of estrangement, paralysis and eruptions of fear and disgust.

The agony not being able to enjoy.

Seriously. I enjoy, but not Christmas.

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Ana sa...

I'm having problems to write any post.
I would like to make something special, something that could lift the spirits... something that made us all committed in trying to create a new kind of revolution...
It's being hard.
I don't think I'll do it this year.
I hate Christmas. It only reminds me that I have no family.
Don't know what to do.

Anders sa...

I think I understand the feeling. you want to do something good, great, that means something, make a difference.

Do I think in that way I have discover I put a big weight on my shoulders.

So I'm trying to shrink the idea. What if I could just make a pretty little thing, get some one happy for a minute or so?

I do not like Christmas because it's so commercial. However, I have my happy family around me, so I may not be boring to them.

I wish you the best this Christmas. However you celebrate, and I will Think about you, there on the other side of the world.

Ana sa...

Thank you very much Anders.
I have another blog that is not about good stuffs.
So I decided to do this one because I think people need hope and the mainstream media is only publishing very bad news making people believe there is nothing we can do.
My computer broke and I had it back today.
I'll check the new posts.

Anders sa...

I have'nt seen the other blog of yours, yet.
But I will!

We have been in the mountainarea for some days my family and I.

In googlemaps this will be my resident.

And here we have been skiing:


All the best!