söndag, december 26, 2010

Hacking characters

Diary: 23.16
I am not happy with what I write. 
I grope forward. Trembling.
Writing is a hell. 

Before you get on the track.
Flow, if one gets there, turn this shit into the kingdom of heaven.

I've heard it can happen.
Note one thing.

I continuously change shape now.

2 kommentarer:

Ana sa...

This is the second reason I don't write in my own language.
I can write well in Portuguese but I prefer not to have any commitment with style.

Anders sa...

Hm. I have published 5 books.

I don't know if it give you anything to see them at an swedish marketplace for books, but here they are:



Now I can go on write in the same style. Play it safe. But that is so boring. On the other hand, to develop a new style is not easy at all... But I have to do it.

In a way it is also like this: It is the topic that creates the shape, style.