söndag, februari 06, 2011

Demonstration in the slush

Demonstration in the slush, in Östersund saturday 5 feb.

Placards saying: Stop the occupation of Palestine.

Flyers were distributed, with information about Women in Black.

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Ana sa...

I visited their site and loved this organization.
Thank you for sharing.
How you're doing?
I never forget you and consider you as my Swedish friend.

Anders sa...

Sorry it took me some time to respond.
I also see you as my friend, but in Brazil. :)
I'm very happy to have you as a friend. it makes my world a richer place.

at this moment I have stopped taking any kind of medicine. I live - and do revolt.
To talk about slavery in a country like Sweden, everyone finds it absurd.
But that's where we are headed with our current government. A neo-liberal society, where everyone will take care of themselves and "shit in the face of his brother," or how to translate a Swedish expression.

I'm fighting a political battle now. My wife is not afraid of that, but she is scared that I stopped taking medication.

Nothing is wrong with me. It is the government that tramples on my righteous sense of dignity and justice.

(My political struggle, I unfortunately do not have time to translate it. But the video in this posting is about the battle. http://djingis.blogspot.com/2011/03/fas3-och-tystnaden.html)