tisdag, februari 22, 2011

Salmon, slippery fish foreign minister Bildt and Internet

Salmon dining
Salmon in my flickr

Photographing food is difficult. Too much light, too little. Angle. Color temperature. (my first atempt)
And while I'm cooking for feverish children and my wife who is on the way home I check on my laptop what is happening in Libya. Fuck 'K-him ". Fuck Bildt, our Foreign Minister. (who thinks oil, and weapons,  is more important than human dignity, ... but of course he owns shares in oil companies like shit down in Sudan ... and Russia ... and ... yes, he circle the globe at taxpayers' expense and buy more shares .. or what he does ... I do not know. .. No one knows ... Not even my old high school friend who now works at the State Department knows what the Minister does ...).

I want to cook good food .... And know that everything is done properly...
While the brave people risk everything in countries that... you know.. got regimes my foreing guy mr B sales weapons to...

(By the way. Too much light (glare) on the food...)

And yes, I got information long before my government and my so called "mass media" feeds me.

Yes, cook your food, be happy, but please, you who got the technical knowledge: keep the Internet, Darknet, etc whatever you call it  up and running.

Forgive my poor English

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